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Una princesa con mucha marcha.



The answer to everyone’s question.

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PM: For the next questions, I'm going to say the title of your songs, and you tell me the first word that comes to mind. The first one is "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor."
Matt Helders: Number one.
PM: "Fake Tales Of San Francisco."
Matt Helders: Funky.
PM: "Still Take You Home."
Matt Helders: Ex-girlfriends.
PM: "Dancing Shoes."
Matt Helders: This is gonna be more than word, but "looking for love."
PM: "Ritz to the Rubble."
Matt Helders: Doormen, or bouncers.
PM: "Red Light."
Matt Helders: Taxis.
PM: "View From the Afternoon"
Matt Helders: Clubbing.
PM: "Vampires Is a Bit Strong But ."
Matt Helders: Drum solo. That's my time to shine. [Laughs.]
PM: "You Probably Couldn't See."
Matt Helders: Secret love.
PM: "Sun Goes Down."
Matt Helders: Scummy. That's what the song used to be called. It's what it's known as sometimes, but it's not the actual name.
PM: "Mardy Bum"
Matt Helders: Girlfriends.
PM: "Certain Romance"
Matt Helders: Classic.

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